GDPR as key differentiator for Customer Experience battleground

Think about your enterprise and how you might have a bigger impact in your market today. If you were to change one major item about your offering to market, to better compete and grow your market share, what would it be? More diverse product offerings, cloud-based delivery models, lower prices, a faster supply chain? 

These traditional answers fail to hold up in a market that is increasingly defined by one key area – customer experience. If you are like most enterprises out there, your marketing and sales teams have spent a lot of time and money focused on building exceptional experiences for prospects, but a lot less time looking at how you can provide great experiences for customers.

Within the Customer Experience battleground 4 key differentiators can be named:

Consumer Power

Consumers have more and faster ways to share their experiences than ever before. They have more
ways to investigate the available choices and more options if they don’t like the experience.

Digital Transition

Consumers have access to a multitude of channels and expect interaction at the right time, over the right channel, with the right message. If not, your company will lose customer interest and trust.


Detailed data provides the insight on which great customer experiences are built. Businesses, however, need to ensure they provide the best possible experience without compromising regulatory compliance.


The expanding amount of data available creates challenges and opportunities for businesses striving to deliver ever-more targeted experiences.

 The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has our full attention as it comes with the risk of high fines and severe reputational damage at stake. However, there is also an opportunity to elevate your customers' experience by demonstrating diligence and respect for their data privacy rights through timely and professional response and reaction.

In other words; handling customer data requests promptly and without burdening your organization is not only beneficial to your business, but also helps create a positive customer experience.

Now it's time to set yourself apart from the competition and build trust by showing your customers you care and respect their data privacy by delivering the requested information in a convenient format via the channel of their choice in an instant.

Who is Quadient®

Quadient helps companies deliver meaningful interactions with current and future customers. A Neopost Digital Company, the Quadient portfolio of technology enables organizations to create better experiences for their customers through timely, optimized, contextual, highly individualized, and accurate communications for all channels. Quadient understands the importance of excellent data and provides solutions that comply with the market demands and regulatory requirements of today and tomorrow. Our solutions bring together and activate the entire organization in the name of customer experience, through better collaboration and visibility into the customer journey. 

Quadient supports thousands of clients and partners worldwide in the financial services, insurance and service provider industries in their quest to achieve customer experience excellence via mobile, digital, social media and print technologies.